---Take Out Menu---

Rissois (shrimp Patties) $5.99              Fried Squid $10.99
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $8.99   Chourico w/peppers and onions $8.99
Clams Bulhao Pato (Clams in white wine Sauce) $9.99   Pasteis de bacalhau(cod fritters) $5.99

NEW! Rice and beans with choice of Protein

To Go Bowls        
Steak $9.99              Fried Flounder $9.99
Pernil $9.99      
Grilled Chicken Breast         $9.99      

Premium Salads:

Chick Pea Salad $7.99              Grilled Shrimp over baby greens $12.99
Sliced Grilled Chicken over baby greens $9.99   House Garden Salad $7.99

Sandwiches:       Served with our Handcut Fries

Prego (Ribeye sandwich w/peppers and onions) $10.99              Grilled Chicken w/Broccoli Rab and Presunto $8.99
Avo Cinda (Ribeye with onions, mushrooms and a runny egg) $12.99   Cheese Burger (6oz) Add Bacon+2.00 $9.99
Breaded Chicken Sandwich with lettuce and tomato $8.99   Newark style hot dog (2 all beef franks on Portuguese roll with peppers, onions and fries inside) $7.99
BBQ chicken sandwich (grilled chicken, caramelized onions, bbq sauce on a portuguese roll $8.99   Breaded chicken bacon cheddar ranch.  (breaded chicken, bacon, cheese, ranch dressing $10.99
Burgers (6oz):    Served with our Handcut Fries        
Bacon Cheese Burger  $10.99   Classic Burger (lettuce, tomato, onion) $9.99
Steakhouse-Mushrooms, onions and cheese $10.99   Cheese Burger $9.99


Mozzarella sticks (8) $6.99              Jumbo Chicken Wings (6)(10) hot or bbq $7.99/12.99
Chicken tenders (3) $7.99   Chicken Fries $6.99
Veg. Samosa (6) $5.99   crispy battered string beans $8.99
Portuguese Chips $5.00   Buffalo Caulifower $8.99

Loaded Fries(fries topped with

beans, cheese and 2 runny eggs)



Half Served with one side, Whole served with two sides.
Sides: Rice, Fries, Soup, Corn, Beans, Potato Salad, Chick Pea Salad, veggie slaw.   Half Order   Whole Order
Grilled Chicken   $8.99   $15.99
Pork Ribs   $9.99   $18.99
1/2 Chicken 1/2 Ribs Combo   NA   $17.99
Picadinho (marinated pork cubes)(Rice and/or Fries only)   $8.99   $14.99
Picadinho Misto (pork cubes with shrimp and sausage)(Rice and/or Fries only)   $13.99   $17.99
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce over Rice (no sides)   $9.99   $14.99
Chicken Garlic Sauce   $8.99   $14.99
Chicken Picadinho with shrimp (Rice and/or Fries only)   $8.99   $15.99
Salmon Fillet topped with garlic shrimp   NA   $17.99
Fish and Chips (2 pieces fried breaded fish with home made potato chips). No additional sides   NA   $10.99



House Specials: (no additional sides)

Caldeirada de Marisco--Shelfish stew.  Shrimp, mussels and clams stewed with chourico, peppers and onions in a light tomato broth   NA   $24.99
Shrimp in Whiskey Cream Sauce--Collosal Shrimp sauteed with onions and finished in a whiskey cream sauce. Served over cubed fried potato.   NA   $19.99
Picadinho a Otilias--sauteed marinated pork, sliced chourico, prawns and clams served over a bed of cubed fried potato   NA   21.99
Bacalhau a Braga--Battered fried cod served over portuguese chips, topped with tomato and onions   NA   $22.99
Bitoque--8oz N.Y. strip topped with runny egg and served with fries   NA   $18.99
Colossal shrimp in Chili Garlic Sauce(spicy)--shrimp sauteed with a chili garlic sauce.  Served with rice and fries   NA   $19.99


Catering Menu:

    (must order in advance)  
1/2 tray of Flame Grilled Chicken (3) $32.00              1/2 Tray roasted baby potatoes $26.00
1/2 tray of Pork Ribs (3) $45.00   Pasteis de Bacalhau (12) $10.00
1/2 tray of Garlic Shrimp $49.00   Rissois de Camarao (12) $10.00
Whole Pernil (pork shoulder) $35.00   Veg. Samosas (12) $10.00
1/2 tray of Garlic Chicken $39.00   Pasteis de Nata (12) $18.00
1/2 tray of Picadinho Misto $39.00   1/2 tray of french fries $10.00
1/2 tray of Chanfana $55.00   1/2 tray of yellow rice $10.00
1/2 tray of Paella Valencia $39.00   1/2 tray of Salad $15.00
1/2 tray of Oven Roasted Potatoes $20.00   1/2 tray marinated chick pea salad $18.00
1/2 tray Chicken Madeira $48.00   Portuguese Rolls (12) $6.00
1/2 tray of Picadinho Otilias $55.00