Todays Special

Charred Padron Peppers : (spicy) Spanish padron peppers, olive oil, flake salt.

Carne Alentejana: Pork with clams. Traditional dish of cubed marinated pork sauteed with clams and served over cubed fried potaotes.

Leitao a Bairrada: Roast suckling pig served with chips and a peppery dipping sauce


Please Call for Dine-In reservations.

Check out our self serve outdoor dining/picnic area.

Join us for a dessert, snack, appetizer, fresh pastry, coffee drink, or a meal in a peacefull wooded area near the brook and stream.


Outdoor Area

Lunch & Dinner

Garlic Shrimp


Pasteis de Nata

Its been said that God was hungry and so created the Portuguese Cuisine.  Although some might argue this, the rich culinary heritage of Portugal is undisputed. For centuries the Portuguese sailors navigated the globe in search of new and exotic spices.  They built an empire and left their mark on many of today’s nations. 


The menu at Otilia’s draws on the diverse range of tastes and flavors from around the globe.  We celebrate the influences and traditions from every part of the world.  Our inspirations hail from countries and continent affar, such as Brazil, Japan, China, Africa, India, Morocco and even Hawaii.